A family-owned business, Iris Hotel initiated as a project by the end of the 1980s. Construction work began in 1990 and the Hotel was launched in July 1993, with 40 rooms. The history of the property dates back to the 19th century, when the now area of the Hotel, was part of a massive 150-acre property, full of mulberry and olive trees, along with a large homestead with warehouses. The great-grandfather of the owners was the biggest silkworm breeder of the area and, as silkworms feed on mulberry leaves, the trees were invaluable to the business. As the years progressed, the next generations split the larger estate into smaller properties and the mulberry trees were replaced by wheat, barley, oat and legume. Being part of the longtime history of the area, the Hotel has preserved all the perennial olive trees, most of them in their original positions; only five of them were replanted in different spots. The trees are well cared, being pruned every year, are kept free from chemicals and the olives are collected In November, as a small token of gratitude to the ancestral heritage. Apart from natural landscapes and blue waters, Siviri offers one of the most scenic sunsets in Halkidiki, due to its position in the Thermaic Gulf. The sunset itself was a source of inspiration for naming the Hotel. Iris, the female messenger of the gods, carved seven colors in the sky, while transporting the “sacred water” for the holy oath. Likewise, the sunset carves a vivid color palette, every evening.

Photo courtesy of Vassilis Tsilipakos